IMPACT2C works with start-ups and entrepreneurs from all over the world to save time and energy on a personal level and to save money on a business level. 

a. Our exclusive all-inclusive packages combine specific business optimization as well as coaching skills to provide growth for you and your business.

b. Our coaches and consultants are global, certified and have vast operational experience.

Answering ‘yes’ to the following questions means that you are our ideal client:

  • Do you have a great business idea, yet you don’t know how to implement it?
  • Do you have a business, yet you haven’t made as much money as you’d like so far?
  • Are you considering becoming an entrepreneur, yet you don’t have a business idea yet?

What is our main competitive advantage?

  • Unlike others, IMPACT2C offers a specific mix of skills that are not available together: we coach (life, business, teams), we transform your ideas into results, we optimize your business to free you up from bottom line pressures.
  • Unlike others, IMPACT2C is confident in our way of working so we get paid on results (our fixed rates are cost based).
  • Unlike others, IMPACT2C has a unique package including our exclusive energy leadership assessment which allows any business owner to become the leader of their own energy level and to detect and adapt their energy in any interaction.

Purpose: we believe that to have a successful business, you need a successful business owner. Many entrepreneurs are overwhelmed, tired, frustrated with so many things to do, wanting to clone themselves. Sounds familiar? How many times have you heard of a business owner who manages to make a great deal of money, but end up paying for that success with their own health? That person does not need to be you.

Values: we work in line with our values: freedom (including financial freedom), results, fun and loyalty. 

Reason to work with us: Your success is our success. We bring life fulfilment and sustainable business success.  


About Us


Our proprietary methology

Tailor made for your specific situation

Tailor made for your specific situation

IMPACT2C developed a methodology that allows

  • the business owner and the teams to have more time and energy, and
  • the business to make more money 


Tailor made for your specific situation

Tailor made for your specific situation

Tailor made for your specific situation

Our methodology is tailor-made for each business, and is based on a specific assessment meant to identify the main blockages and growing opportunities. 


No results no pay

Tailor made for your specific situation

No results no pay

We believe in our methodology, therefore we accept to get paid on results. 

With IMPACT2C you do not spend, you invest in your growth. 

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