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Public speaking

Impactful networking is a revolutionary way of building relations not only in the area of business but in a larger sense of people’s relations to serve you and your business.

We provide business talks, wealth talks and motivational talks. 

Topic areas for keynotes and workshops are based on founder’s best-selling books and include:

  • Net value: Understanding Values, fear-based versus conscious-based value. Discover your values and how do they hold you back or further promote your growth .
  • Energy leadership: Increasing Awareness, manage your energy, how to detect people’s energy and to choose the best energy level for the best interaction
  • Transformation: How to build trust, and move from trust to transformation 
  • World Focus: Diversity and Inclusion, Intercultural communication, Intercultural management
  • Outcome Free: a mastery approach versus a performance approach.
  • Understanding the value of Recognition: How to be present and how to be grateful. 
  • Knowledge: The value of questioning, continuing education and humility. 

For other topics please check our blog articles which are always at the foundation of our 60 - 90 - 120 minutes talks. 

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As well as trainings, workshops, retreats and conferences. 

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