• I don’t have much time, how can we work together? Time and fast results are important for us. Our sessions could be as minimum of 20 minutes. Depending on the area of the business you are contracting with IMPACT2C we will make sure we come up with a tailormade proposal to meet your time constraints. 

  • Are you working at distance or face to face? Depending on the clients’ preference we provide face to face and/or any new virtual working tools (zoom, webinars, skype, whatsapp, etc). Please note that most of our clients are opting for this modern approach except for specific seminars and workshops. Also face to face sessions may be more expensive if not mandatory for the results of our work together. 


  • How can I evaluate if your company is the right match for me or my business? For any new potential client, we provide a free discovery/strategy session to identify the goal and the most efficient process we could propose.

  • May I pay in my local currency? We accept major currency (€,$,£), however please connect with us for finding a solution providing these currencies are not available to you.

  • I don’t have cash right now, what alternative solutions do you provide? For business optimization and start-up/scale-up we accept to be paid on results and/or capital (our fees could be cost-based) providing we assess your business potential prior to contracting together. For life coaching packages only down payments are accepted. 

  • Which language are you working? We work primarily in English, yet our experts speak and could eventually accept missions in French, Spanish, as well as German, Romanian, Swedish, Norwegian, Hebrew. Please consult with us for specific languages. 

  • My experience with coaching and consulting was not very effective. Why shall I try again with you? We appreciate especially on coaching aspects there is a lack of formal requirements from most of the states therefore allowing untrained or poorly train people to present themselves as coaches. In the same time some consultants provide a “slide based” results making sometimes difficult for the end client to implement the recommendations. This is where we are different (please go to our About and dedicated business pages for more details).  

Contact us or drop us an email at contact@impact-2c.com for additional questions. 

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