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How many times have you found yourself in a place where you’ve needed more time and more energy? How many times have you found yourself wishing that you could clone yourself or your team members?

How many times have you found yourself or people from your team or family disengaged from what you/they are doing?

Test: Note 0 to 10 the following questions, 0 being none and 10 being maximum

  1. how much energy do you generally have during the day?
  2. how engaged do you feel with your life today?
  3. how happy are you with the way you spent your time today?
  4. how much responsibility do you take for what happened in your life today? 
  5. how much do you feel you are exactly where you wanted to be in all areas of your life? 

Providing you or your team’s answers are below 50, and you are willing to increase those numbers and act, you are our ideal client.

What is our main competitive advantage?

  • Unlike others, IMPACT2C works with Energy Leadership: all our coaches are certified ELI-MP. All our packages include the Energy Leadership Index assessment and debrief.

  • Unlike others, IMPACT2C coach based on the energy measured by the SCOPE assessment on any tasks (download the free app here)

Purpose: we believe that a successful and purposeful life can be achieved by any individual. Any one of us deserves to have the life, the relations, the work and the business they want and dream of. Too often people are caught up in lives that are overwhelming, fear-based and stressful. This is also what they find and/or bring to their workplace and business.  This does not have to be you.


Values: we work in line with our values: freedom (including financial freedom), results, fun and loyalty. 

Reason to work with us: Your success is our success. We bring life fulfilment and sustainable business success. 




Life Transformation

Business Transformation

Life Transformation


Flexible tailor-made 

life coaching packages to address personal internal blockers and transform life into fulfillment, purpose & enjoyment 


Executive Coaching

Business Transformation

Life Transformation


Leadership package that provides tools to increase leadership impact and results in less time and energy spent. 

We believe in fast results 20 minutes sessions adapted to top managers’ agendas. 


Business Transformation

Business Transformation

Business Transformation


Team coaching to allow wellbeing and full commitment/engagement with company goals. Optimal to address new culture, organizational change, and overall work-life balance. 

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