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IMPACT2C audits, recommends, implements, coaches and follows up to save you money and free you up from bottom-line pressures

  • Our exclusive all-inclusive packages combine specific business optimization as well as coaching skills that provides growth for you and your business.
  • Our coaches and consultants are global, certified and have vast operational experience.

There are 3 ways to optimize and grow your business:

  • Increase prices
  • Optimize costs
  • Get more clients or target high-end clients

Out of these 3 options, the only one that is totally within the control of management is cost optimization.

Most of the time, people are fearful of cost cutting as they perceive this process as scarcity and difficulty. This does not have to be you. Optimizing your costs provides freedom and flexibility. 

IMPACT2C understands both the fear and the pressure that such processes can put on any business and team.

What are the main differences in the services we provide?

  • Unlike others, IMPACT2C looks at cost from a value-added perspective. 
  • We take an operational approach. We not only audit and recommend but we also implement and follow-up. 
  • Unlike others, IMPACT2C not only guaranties a 10% saving on your costs, but we are also comfortable with being paid on results (our fixed rates are cost based).
  • We provide a one-shot cost cutting effort. In addition, we work with your teams to change the cost culture and bring sustainable results for the future.

Our ‘From Cost to Profit’ program is a 3-step approach that allows your business to:

1. Free up money from your cost structure in the first instance.

2. Opt for a different marketing and sales approach to bring new and high-end clients.

3. Reconsider the pricing structure and the products, services and packages to offer for sustainable growth and satisfied clients.

Values: we work in line with our values: freedom (including financial freedom), results, fun and loyalty. 

Reason to work with us: Your success is our success. We bring life fulfilment and sustainable business success. 


Cost optmization

When was last time you took a deep look of what you spend, how do you spend it and mostly why do you spend it?



Most consultants will give you great ideas and will let you implement; most of the ideas are therefore never implemented. This is why IMPACT2C makes sure your ideas are turned into reality 

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